Innovation Milieu Activities

Goals and initial planned activities for the ATMP Innovation Milieu

1) National coordination and strengthening of the network, as well as increased international contacts and collaborations

Efforts towards National coordination and network strengthening, and increased internationalization

2) Increased capacity for industrial development and manufacture of ATMPs in Sweden

Strengthen infrastructure for Industrial development and manufacturing in Sweden

3) Effective processes for research and availability of cost-effective ATMPs within Swedish healthcare

Implementation in Healthcare.

4) Increase knowledge and secure future competence needs

Educational efforts

5) Organization and financing model for sustainable continuation

Sustainable continuation

Contact Jukka Lausmaa for more information

Baseline report 2020

To be able to measure the impact of the ATMP Innovation Milieu over the next 5 years a baseline study of the ATMP landscape has been performed through Milieu partner MSC Nordics. You can download the report here including figures on ATMP research, companies, funding and manufacturing.