Swelife-ATMP Projects

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System Development Projects (SDP)

Swelife-ATMP SDPs address the systems and processes around ATMP development. The following projects have commenced;

SDP1: The regulatory aspect for ATMP

SDP2: Road Map for setting the ethical and legal framework of stem cell based ATMP in Sweden

SDP3: Business models and health economics for ATMPs

SDP4: Opportunities and challenges for Sweden to become internationally leading in the field of gene therapy

SDP5: Sweden’s CAR T Cell Competence Network (SWECARNET)

”ATMP Sweden” Annual ATMP conference

The National Conference aims to bring together the diverse expertise of the Swedish ATMP field, exhibit our strengths and discuss solutions for challenges.
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Communication of ATMP in Sweden

This activity has a national perspective focussing on strengthening communication of the entire ATMP sector as well as promoting International visibility and collaboration. This activity focuses largely but not exclusively on the two projects CAMP and Swelife-ATMP but also seeks to bring in the perspectives of those not actively involved in these programs.