Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes

Expansion of GMP Compliant Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) in Xuri bioreactor.

Lead: SLL/Vecura

Involved partners: KI, Cytiva AB

GMP manufactured TILs are being used together with dendritic cells for the treatment of malignant melanoma. TILs are manufactured using the GE Healthcare Xuri bioreactor. Treatment of the first 10 patients was completed during 2018. An efficient response was observed in the TILs + DC vaccine group. So far, four responders, two of which are now free of tumors and one only has a minimal lesion remaining.


”Complete and long-lasting clinical responses in immune checkpoint inhibitor-resistant, metastasized melanoma treated with adoptive T cell transfer combined with DC vaccination”

The following deliverables are identified.

1. Expanded TILs meeting preset release criteria for up to 10 patients
2. Completion of MAT02 clinical trials where products manufactured at the Vecura site have been used
3. Publication describing the clinical outcome

Presentation slides and recording from ATMP Sweden 2020


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