Logistics cookbook

The Logistics Cookbook

A user friendly tool for logistical and shipment questions/issues for ATMP shipment covering temperatures from ”dry shipper” – +30°C. ATMPs are significantly more fragile and valuable than most small molecule and biological medicines. Therefore, quality systems, validation, and traceability are mandated to mitigate risk and ensure safe delivery of cell and gene therapies in a zero-failure environment.

Project length: 01-2022 to 12/2022

Lead: Anders Aspegren, RISE

Involved partners: Cryoport, YSDS,

Content will be created from ISO 21973, findings from QC and logistics CAMP projects, ”Shipping and Logistics Considerations for RegenMed Therapies” Wednesday 19th of January. The material will be published as a whitepaper or similar at the ATMPSweden website once finalized.