Artery regeneration

Personalised ATMP for the regeneration of arteries

The overall goal is to develop fully biological personalized arterial grafts targeting several indications with extensive medical needs

Time period: 11/2021 – 11/2023

Lead: Joakim Håkansson, RISE

Involved partners: RISE, YSDS Your Special Delivery Service AB, Gothenburg University, VERIGRAFT AB, TATAA Biocenter AB

Vascular grafting is an important treatment of cardiovascular diseases to bypass or replace diseased blood vessels. There are many problems with currently available grafts. Partners have successfully developed a protocol for production of personalized tissue-engineered arteries (P-TEA).

Work plan:

  • validate the functionality and safety of P-TEA in a long-term sheep in vivo
  • accelerate process development and make this ATMP ready for GMP
  • assess how P-TEA graft can be transported in the future