Learn more about CAR T and the SWECARNET initiative.

IN SWEDISH: from KUH/CAST doctors, nurses and nurses assistants on the patient experience of having life threatening disease and through CAST receiving possibly life saving treatments. Further, how it is to work in such a treatment environment, being a physchologist, friend and decision maker, combining resources and strategies, novel and standard, in high competence teamwork for the best of the patients.

IN ENGLISH: Stephan Mielke from Karolinska Hospital talks about the activities of SWECARNET, Sweden’s National cancer network towards driving solutions for implementation of CAR T immunotherapy treatments for cancer in Sweden and future challenges. Stephan explains the progression of cancer treatments and the progress made in the 20 years since discovery of ’T bodies’ in Israel to the gene/cell therapy product CAR T. Why was Sweden so early to translate a CAR T, treating the first patient in Sweden as early as 2014, and yet is falling behind in bringing CAR Ts to standard of care? SWECARNET is driving implementation of CAR T by building a National network of investigators, physicians/healthcare, patients/families/care givers, industry/companies and authorities/regulators to support both development of CAR T and adoption into standard of care.

IN SWEDISH: Watch the Swedish video for introduction to CAR-T development and implementation in Sweden and then interviews Sweden’s first 2nd generation CAR T patient and Gunilla Enblad, the first physician in Europe to treat a patient with CAR T in a clinical trial, a medicine produced at Karolinska’s Vecura under the leadership of Pontus Blomberg. Listen to hear patient perspectives on the implementation and use of CAR T and discussion between Stephan and Gunilla on the challenges of CAR T implementation and where energy and attention must be invested.

How do we create a common goal for CAR T in Sweden?