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ATMP map

This map is being constantly updated to assist you in finding collaborators and facilities for ATMP development in Sweden. Not on the map? Please fill in this form or contact Heather Main.

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Companies within ATMP

Clinicians that have treated patients with ATMPs

Facilities for ATMP manufacture or pre-GMP process development

ATMP Sweden partners

Academics within ATMP

For each category ’related technologies’ are seen as a grey pin. More information on ATMP related technologies can be found on our What are ATMPs page and may include non-ATMP gene therapies, EV technologies or DNA vaccines against infectious disease.

For updated information about tissue establishments and manufacturing facilities please visit (information only in Swedish)

ATMP companies in Sweden

The vast majority of Swedish companies are developing Gene Therapy Medicinal Products (GTMP). However, keep in mind that cells that are genetically modified in-vitro and then delivered to a patient are classified as ex-vivo GTMPs not sCTMPs. Check out our What are ATMPs page to see why some ATMP technologies may be classified as sCTMP, GTMP or TEP. There are Swedish companies developing gene therapies based on synthetic oligonucleotides but these are not classified as ATMPs.

Swedish ATMP immunotherapies

The main ATMP immunotherapies being developed in Sweden are based on Natural Killer (NK) cells, Dendritic Cells (DCs) and T-cells. Probably the most well known is CAR-Ts, based on T-cells. However, Sweden is a world leader in NK cell research and product development. KI researchers not only discovered NK cells in the mid-70s but also discovered their ability to identify tumour cells in the 80s. Exciting possibilities are also being developed using Dendritic Cells which represent the interface between the Adaptive and Innate immune systems.

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