Tissue-Engineered Skin

Development of Multilayered Tissue-Engineered Skin Construct (continuation)

The overall goal is to synthesize personalized human skin based on the patients’
own cells to treat severe burns and chronic ulcers.

Time period: 05/2021 – 12/2023

Lead: Folke Sjöberg, Region Östergötland

Involved Partners: Linköpings Universitet, Region Västerbotten, Umeå University, Region
Östergötlands, Karolinska Centre for Cell Therapy, Xintela, Cellastra Inc, VivaBioCell

Skin regenerative solutions are needed to treat patients with severe burns and chronic ulcers.

This project will compare the effect of using integrin-selected allogenic mesenchymal stem cells (iMSC) to cultured and non-cultured autologous keratinocytes or autologous adipose tissue derived stem cells (ADSC). We will also investigate combining two cell types as mixture for wound healing and transfecting keratinocytes with a vector (GMP classified) that produces anti-scarring peptides.

Work plan:

  • Characterization of keratinocytes, ADSC and iMSC on decellularized skin, collagen, novel bioinks or polyurethane matrix. Classical cell culture environment and automated cell expansion system NANT XL.
  • Comparing the healing pattern of applying keratinocytes, ADSC, iMSC and their combination, in a skin wound
    model in-vivo.
  • Secretome characterizing of the most effective cell type (proteomics).
  • Establishing an optimal multilayer skin construct.
  • Applying for a clinical trial for ATMP, early contact with Medical Products Agency (MPA)


”Human serum albumin as a clinically accepted cell carrier solution for skin regenerative application”