Magnetic Isolation

Scaleable magnetic isolation of differentiated stem cells.

Lead:  KTH

Involved partners: AstraZeneca, and MAGic BioProcessing

Project aims: To validate the functionality and scalability of magnetic separation for the recovery of stem cells.

Examples of tasks and actions: Magnetic beads will be made by MAGic Bioprocessing and adapted for the application. These beads will then have designated mAb’s supplied by AZ coupled to them for the capture of either the target cells via so called positive selection  or the contaminating cells via so called negative selection. The beads together with cells supplied by AZ will be tested at KTH for verification of functionality.


Hi Torbjörn!

What is the need your project addresses?

Cell therapy is currently a growing area. Especially for Allogeneic Cell Therapy were the donor is a different person to the recipient of the cells. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the allogenic methodology is promising because unmatched allogenic therapies can form the basis of ”off the shelf” products. Here it is therefore a need for scalable production of cells. The MAGic solution is that scalable ccell recovery sysem.

What is your approach to meet the need?

We will in the project together with AZ and KTH prove the functionality and scalability of our system so that it will be ready for a marker roll out. This to enable large scale manufacturing of cells for cell therapy

How will this improve Sweden´s capabilities within ATMPs?

MAGic Bioprocessing will during the project make our technology available to the partners. This will enable research and development of cell therapy in the field. It will also make a new enabling technology and products available in the local market first. At the end the hope is that MAGic Bioprocessing will be a successful Swedish biotech supply company. That this will show the importance that the country puts on having first rate technologies and companies in all enabling fields supporting ATMPs.