Magnetic Isolation

Scaleable magnetic isolation of differentiated stem cells (continuation)

The overall goal is to develop and validate a scalable magnetic-based technology
for the separation of cells.

Time period: 11/2021 – 11/2023

Lead:  Veronique Chotteau, KTH

Involved partners: AstraZeneca and MAGic BioProcessing

Magnetic beads are well-established systems for cell separation however today´s systems size is still limited in terms of scaleup potential. Partners have developed a new magnetic bead system (MAGic) which is extremely gentle towards cells and can easily be scaled.

Work plan:

  • separation of pluripotent stem cells differentiated towards cardiac progenitors using different cell models
  • Optimization of the magnetic beads system by different coupling techniques and varying the orientation of the surface coupled antibodies
  • Bead quality control by evaluation of antibody coupling, magnetic performance and leaching
  • Cell separation evaluation by flow cytometry, metabolic markers, immunohistochemistry, cell viability and biological function