About Innovation Milieu

Purpose and goal

The project aims to establish a ’Vision Driven Innovation Milieu’ for long-term transformation of the systems required for successful development and implementation of advanced therapy gene and cell therapeutic products, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). The Milieu will be an inclusive platform with a common vision that brings together relevant stakeholders. This project is based on the Vinnova Vision Driven Health program. Important intermediate goals are a national pool of power and increased internationalization, better conditions for the development and accessibility of advanced therapies, as well as increased knowledge of the area to secure future competence needs.

Working to make ‘Sweden a world leader in development and implementation of advanced therapies by 2030’

Focus areas

  • National coordination and strengthening of the network, as well as increased international contacts and collaborations
  • Increased capacity for industrial development and manufacture of ATMPs in Sweden
  • Effective processes for research and availability of cost-effective ATMPs within Swedish healthcare
  • Increase knowledge and secure future competence needs
  • Organization and financing model for sustainable continuation

Read more about sub-goals and activities.

Expected effects and results

Within a five-year period, the Milieu should have contributed to increased national collaboration between public and private actors, which partly created better conditions in Sweden for both development and accessibility in the care of ATMP and partly advanced our international position in the field. Expected effects are that Swedish healthcare and patients can take part in developments in the area and that Sweden becomes attractive to foreign players and investments in the area.

Planned layout and implementation

The Milieu is based on cross-sectoral collaboration between healthcare, business, authorities and other actors, who jointly carry out activities and initiatives aimed at goals and vision. A core team consisting of seven people with different competences and perspectives will drive and coordinate and continuously monitor results and effects. The approach should be based on an inclusive attitude and collaboration that creates synergies with other initiatives and structures in the area.

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